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Performing Arts & Entertainment

Let us bring you into our magical world. We are passionate music lovers and experts in beautiful, immersive, energetic, and unforgettable performances. Our professional work ethic accompanied by our love for performing creates a level of showmanship like no other.

We pride ourselves in being able to to develop a run of show that provides maximum impact for your event, whether that be atmospheric beauty or person to person immersive connection or all things in between.

We create custom outfits perfectly designed for your event's energy, music, and aesthetic. All of our items are made in house, and therefore cannot be duplicated elsewhere. 

We are logistically capable of handling any level of event production and easy to work with ensuring an enjoyable experience start to finish.

Elevate your next event to one of luminous magnitudes with Supernovas Entertainment!

#WeAreTheNovas and #WeAreReady

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