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What We Offer

-Gogo Dancers/ "Mood Directors"

-Immersive, Interactive Performers

-Atmosphere Models

-Promotional Models

-Brand Ambassadors

-Choreographed Stage Shows


-Tap Dancers


-Aerialists (Individual & Duos)

(Lollipop Lyra, Hammock, Lyra, LED Cube, Silks;

can rig from ceiling or provide a standing rig)

-Fire Performers 

-Snake Dancers

-Belly Dancers


-Roller Skaters

-LED Performers

(Hula Hoops, Fans, LED Costuming)

-Costume Design and Creation

-Makeup Artists

-Content Creation/Creative Direction




Whether you have a fine tuned vision,

or a loose idea,

we can help you make it go from 

dream to reality.

No plan is too small, or idea too big.

The arts are our passion, and we are here to create.​

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